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QVONTUM (pronounced “Quantum.”)

Made to behold,
Meant to be held.

The QVONTUM is, simply put, a revolution in functioning works of art. As beautiful to the eye as fine jewelry, as robust and precisely engineered as a fine mechanical timepiece, the QVONTUM will accompany you on any of your adventures.

Every QVONTUM starts its journey with precision CNC machining where our master machinists ply their skills to utilize cutting-edge engineered machine tools achieving tolerances seen in the mechanical watch manufacturing world. As a core component to almost each QVONTUM, the metal alloys we use are nickel-free, lead-free and meet the very highest levels of quality in the metals industry: 100% biocompatible! While proprietary, our alloys achieve the highest level of certification available for metallic materials: FDA-cleared.

Next, each component travels to our finishing artisan shop, which employs individuals who are expert in the art of polishing, burnishing, engraving, enameling, and of course precious gem setting.

Assembling and testing your QVONTUM comes next as our team of laboratory-rated technicians painstakingly puts all of the pieces together, again very similar to a fine mechanical timepiece, and assures that they perform flawlessly.

Packaged and ready for delivery to you, your QVONTUM is truly an individual created work of art.

In the watchmaking world, added horological functions are called “Complications.” In the QVONTUM world, we call them “Enhancements.” You will find a wide variety of Enhancements across our lines and our engineering group is developing many more. We desire to have all actuation occur smoothly and with one hand wherever possible. Depress the actuator and the Enhancement springs to life to serve you in total comfort in your hand. When complete, it conceals back inside your QVONTUM until next time.

The QVONTUM Collection

Palácio is pleased to present four lines at this time in The QVONTUM Collection



Italian, “stylish, sleek, sophisticated”

Pieces in the Eleganté line are crafted to capture the irresistible beauty of gleaming polished metals.


French, “stunning”

There are few objects in this world as alluring and appealing as precious gemstones. The Étourdissant Line celebrates the stunning.


Italian, “homage”

It is no exaggeration to point out that the efforts, energy, dedication and passion of the mechanical timepiece industry have given the world some of the most astounding feats of micro-sized engineering marvels in the wristwatches and pocket watches these dedicated artists, engineers and craftsmen and craftswomen have produced over the past two hundred and fifty years. The QVONTUM Omaggio Line proclaims “Thank you!” in a way that truly honors this heritage. Each piece is designed to accentuate and complement our members’ mechanical timepiece collections.


English, “capturing the most central defining attributes.”

The Quintessence Line today offers Palácio’s QVONTUM collectors only a small slice of what this powerful line possesses.

“When I touch a human hand, I touch heaven.”

Nicolas Malebranche