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Étourdissant 964

Piece Name: Étourdissant 964
Diameter (mm): 64
Thickness (mm): 39
Internal materials: QVONCOCRO, QVONTANIUM
Shell materials: Yellow Gold, White Diamonds, Emeralds
Shell finishes: Mirror polished
Enhancements: Apple Air Pod Storage, Micro cloth storage, Bonus storage
Corrosion Resistance: Fresh water, salt water

Price Upon Request

*On behalf of all of us at Palácio, we are grateful to all who have placed orders for their original QVONTUMs. Our workshop is carefully hand crafting these delights as the orders are coming into their workstations. We are booking orders now for delivery in April, 2020. While you patiently wait for your QVONTUM to arrive at your doorstep either by hand-delivery or ultra-secure shipping, we promise that you will be treated like royalty. If you have not ordered yet, we encourage you to choose one or several QVONTUMs and assure yourself a place in our backlog. 7-day full refund before custom manufacturing begins.

“The human hand allows the mind
to reveal itself.”

- Maria Montessori