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Étourdissant French (stunning)

From time immemorial men and women alike have had a love affair with precious gems. Taking beams of light and transforming them into brilliant explosions of sparkling wonder, faceted precious gems offer some of the most pleasing visual delights on our planet. Holding in one’s hand as many expertly set gems as we place in the QVONTUM Étourdissant creations will top the list of experiences this life offers.

This line is the “haute joaillerie” (high jewelry) line of Palácio QVONTUMs and is reserved for our Gold and Platinum members for first delights.

These are limited edition pieces. We make only twenty-five so please join us as a coveted Étourdissant collector.

As with all of the QVONTUM Lines, the pieces in the Étourdissant Line are extremely collectible and make the most exquisite gift to your loved ones.