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Eleganté Italian (elegant, sleek, sophisticated)

Smooth curves of mirror polished precious metals give the Eleganté Line their irresistible appeal. Capturing the spirit of the QVONTUM, Made to behold, Meant to be held, each Eleganté draws the eye and calls out to be picked up out of your collection, whether from your desk stand or from your safe. Once in your hand, the shear heft of that amount of precious metal (over three hundred grams on some pieces), and the perfect curvature nestled in your palm says “Don’t put me down!” The enhancements in this line perfectly pair with your special events, unique travel excursions and even accomplishing your day’s important tasks.

As with all of the QVONTUM Lines, the pieces in the Eleganté Line are extremely collectible and make the most exquisite gift to your loved ones.