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Our Heritage

The roots of Palácio International reach back to Italy, France and Germany where the ancestors of the Ambielli family joined the masters and craftsman of precision manufacturing and artistry.

In 1870, John Ambielli, at the age of twenty-six, immigrated to America from Savoy, Italy to settle in Jersey City, New Jersey and begin his artisan fine woodworking business. He married Elizabeth Steiss of Merzalben, Germany. They had five children. John Louis Ambielli was one of their sons and he married Sophie Ring, who had immigrated to the US from Frankfurt, Germany. They had eight children, one of which was Frederick Ambielli. He married Sylvia Giuliano (one of the eight children of Adam Giuliano of Campobasso, Italy) and they had three children, one of whom is John Michael Ambielli. John Michael Ambielli married Barbara Louise Braun (whose family hailed from Bavaria, Germany and Strasburg, France). They have five children, one of whom is John Frederick Ambielli.

Palácio’s President and CEO, John Frederick Ambielli, has been formally trained as a materials engineer with two Masters degrees in the field, but has always nurtured and maintained his passion for artistic creativity and expression. In a recent interview, Mr. Ambielli credits his passion for the integration of art and engineering to the rich history of his European heritage. “It’s so important to know one’s history and I count it a deep blessing to have grown up under the mentoring and guidance of my mother and father. Being from a long line of artisans, manufacturers and creators has been the perfect inheritance to be able to lead Palácio into its next chapter.”

In an unbroken lineage through five generations, Palácio International proudly embodies its central defining axiom:

Creating by hand since 1870

One Central Passion

Palácio has a deep love and admiration of the human hand. For millennia, humankind has relied upon hands for fashioning, building, harvesting, cooking, creating artworks from sculpture and painting to music. Hands help, hands comfort, hands welcome and hands heal. At one moment we can give with our hands, the next we receive. Hold someone’s hand and both happen simultaneously, one of our most cherished forms of affection. The sense of touch, one of the most luxurious of our senses, is particularly poignant in the fingers and palms of human hands.

While Palácio employs the most cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies (3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC machining), nothing has, nor ever will replace the careful and skilled work of the hands of the master artisan and craftspeople in our workshops.

Three Core Principles

At Palácio we celebrate and are driven by three core principles:

World Travel


Ensemblism is the joy and art of gathering together the perfect outfit, an ensemble of individual pieces that on their own have value but not nearly as powerful as the whole. This is sometimes called synergy.

A well-put together outfit is stunning because its wearer understands this maxim. She picks the perfect shoes to match that lovely dress. Next, she adds just the right collection of jewelry that complements the dress and shoes. Make-up comes next if she chooses and finally, the fragrance to top off the whole ensemble. The final result is the essence of Ensemblism.

For a gentleman, this same dynamic happens but the accessories generally are pulled from his fine timepiece collection and perhaps a well curated writing instrument collection. Ensemblism.

Palácio celebrates this wonderful part of life and we invite our members to experience it. When you put it into practice, not only do you feel better as you get on with your day, you bring joy and beauty to those around you, lifting their mood and inspiring them.

World Travel

There has never been a more exciting time to be alive on this planet with regard to travel. With jet aircraft able to comfortably transport us literally to all ends of the earth in a matter of hours where there was a time when it was a dangerous sail across the oceans for months, we live in an amazing era. Palácio is committed to supporting as much travel as our members can and desire to do. There are few more powerful personal development experiences than travel. On this note, there is growing evidence that travel itself helps our brains develop neural genesis as well as neural plasticity. There are few more poignant ways to bond with loved ones than travelling together. And of course, there are fewer ways to understand each other and to live in peace with each other, regardless of our cultures and belief systems, than travelling to be with and amongst different cultures and their rich diversity of humanity.

And let us not be locked into only air travel. The romance and enduring beauty of train travel is to be experienced by all Palácio members. Some have already discovered the breathtaking majesty of ocean liner travel, today known as Cruise Ships, and we encourage members to continue this wonderful part of life or begin it if you have not tried it.


There is unspeakable joy in the endeavor of collecting our personal favorite pieces. One gentleman might have a deep love for mechanical timepieces. Another prefers and dreams of automobiles. For another it might be oil paintings. Women across the globe are fond of sharing their love for fine footwear and handbags. Other women might collect books or small sculptures.

Each of us collects something. Why is this? What is it about us that moves us to build collections? We believe it is rooted in our desire to have choices, to have options, to celebrate variations on a theme, and to share the joy of one’s collections with others.

Far different from hoarding or just accumulating “stuff,” Collectionism is a learned skill. One needs to find the balance of having just plain too many things while allowing oneself the pleasure of putting together a wonderfully presented, properly preserved collection that can be passed on to generations. Palácio enthusiastically encourages our members to develop and enjoy this skill and we are committed to educating and coaching Collectionism to each member.

We endeavor to offer our members from across the globe, from many countries, from many cultures, men and women, young and older, each and every one of them truly unique handcrafted creations of heirloom quality.

Existing in the space of luxury manufacturing, we owe a great debt of gratitude to and we honor those individuals and companies who esteem the principles of true luxury products and services. To be a part of this industry is both humbling to us and exhilarating as the challenge to stay consistent in manufacturing the very highest quality pieces that will leave our hands to be delivered to your hands.

“And like no other sculpture in the history of art, the dead engine and the dead airframe come to life at the touch of a human hand, and join their life with the pilot’s own.”

-Richard Bach