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QVONTUM (pronounced “Quantum.”)

The QVONTUM is, simply put, a revolution in functioning works of art. As beautiful to the eye as fine jewelry, as robust and precisely engineered as a fine mechanical timepiece, the QVONTUM will accompany you on any of your adventures.

Every QVONTUM starts its journey with precision CNC machining where our master machinists ply their skills to utilize cutting-edge engineered machine tools achieving tolerances seen in the mechanical watch manufacturing world. As a core component to almost each QVONTUM, the metal alloys we use are nickel-free, lead-free and meet the very highest levels of quality in the metals industry: 100% biocompatible! While proprietary, our alloys achieve the highest level of certification available for metallic materials: FDA and EMA approved.


“Creating by hand since 1870”

Palácio has a deep love and admiration of the human hand. For millennia, humankind has relied upon hands for fashioning, building, harvesting, cooking, creating artworks from sculpture and painting to music. Hands help, hands comfort, hands welcome and hands heal. At one moment we can give with our hands, the next we receive. While Palácio employs the most cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies, nothing has, nor ever will replace the careful and skilled work of the hands of the master artisan and craftspeople in our workshops.

“The human hand allows the mind
to reveal itself.”

– Maria Montessori